A Tale of Two Zombies

Damned. Fine. Merch.
That’s what Zombie is all about.

It started with us, Claire and Tom. A northern couple obsessed with all things cult, alt, sci-fi and retro. We bonded over a mutual love of alternative and vintage horror flicks from all corners of the globe. We wanted to make merchandise, memorabilia and collectibles that we genuinely would want to buy ourselves and share them with the rest of our fellow freaks and geeks.

Zombie Ltd. offers you limited edition, handmade products, often inspired by truly awesome films, TV shows, comics, music and books. We love independent. We love arthouse. We love international as much as home-grown. Obviously we freaking LOVE zombies!

All of our clothing and gifts are of the highest quality whilst still affordable – no expensive price tags or stiff sweatshirts. Looking for unique items you won’t find anywhere else? You’re in the right place.

But what if you can’t find something that reminds you of your favourite anime film? Want us to make a T-shirt inspired by an obscure piece of cinematic genius? Just get in touch and we’ll see what we can do. We want our customers to feel like they can be part of the design process here at Zombie, so we’re always looking for new ideas.

And Zombie Ltd isn’t just about shopping either. Check out our blogs, join in discussions, read our newsletters, come to our events. Enjoy Zombie Ltd and everything we have to offer.

It’s dead good.

zombies eating family

'I always thought of the Zombies as being about revolution, one generation consuming the next...'

— George A. Romero

Quality products.
Low cost.

All of our products are manufactured by us at Zombie HQ. We only use the best materials and we test each product ourselves to make sure it’s comfy, fits well and stands the test of time (so far Tom’s test of the Zombie canvas bag has lasted years, he’s very attached to it.) We only use our own designs or those we’ve commissioned from talented graphic artists, which makes each product a true limited edition.

zombie posters by zombie

Zombie HQ

51-53 Piccadilly
Stoke-on-Trent, ST1 1HR
Email: hello@zombie.ltd