Zombie Mixtape #9: Metal

It’s Mixtape Monday again and this week we’ve thrown out the collection of nicey-nicey tracks we had planned for you. It’s Monday and this week Monday needs an ass-whooping. So here’s an ear-bleeding metal mixtape to help you through the day.

The Metallica track that opens this mix is the song that changed me from a pop-loving nipper to a metal-obsessed-axe-wielding ginger fiend. A friend made me a Metallica mix tape and it blew my mind. I didn’t know music this heavy or incredible existed.

As always thanks to everyone for suggestions and apologies that we can’t fit all your tracks in. Hopefully this ticks lots of boxes for the metalheads out there and if you’re having a tough monday turn up the volume, open the cage and release the monster of rock! Enjoy!

(Please note: this mix contains an early Limp Bizkit track and is not suitable for anyone allergic to limpin with the ‘Bizkit.)

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